Preheating Oven for Sole Moulds

The preheating oven for sole mould is the perfect automation for all those sole factories that use moulds for rubber, EVA and PU and then bring them up to temperature for production. The aim is to optimise mould heating times.

The preheating oven is installed inside the automatic warehouse Perseo Matrix Moulds or near the moulding press machine.

If it is inside the automatic warehouse Perseo Matrix, the software will send the mould to the oven to bring it to the required temperature. Oven and automatic warehouse are programmed together, directly from the software, and move according to the bill of materials.

If, on the other hand, it is positioned close to the moulding press machine, the operator will insert the mould inside the oven and once it has reached temperature it will be inserted into the press machine.

In the oven for sole mould, the temperature is recorded with a probe. When the temperature is reached, it is signalled with a green light and the mould is ready to be used in production.

The mould will not come out automatically, to avoid heat loss, but with the help of the operator who will press buttons to open the door.

The mould slides on motorised rollers and the operator simply must drag it onto the trolley and bring it to the moulding machine ready for use.


The temperatures the preheating oven reaches are, for materials:

  • Rubber: 180° C
  • EVA: 180° C
  • PU polyurethane: 60° C

In the Perseo Matrix automatic warehouse for sole mould, can be inserted one or more ovens, depending on the workload in the company and the number of mould changes.


Optimise picking times

Production times are more than reduced to zero.
Usually, the moulding machine is kept stationary waiting for the mould to come up to temperature, but with the preheating oven this is heated directly inside the automatic warehouse or on board the machine.

High-quality printing

The oven heats the individual mould and brings it to the desired temperature, ensuring high print quality.

Heat the individual mould

Each oven heats one mould at a time, reducing heat loss and maintaining the desired temperature.

This automation makes your automatic warehouse for sole mould even more effective. Additional automations can be integrated such as the Automatic Loading or Unloading Roller Conveyor and Automatic Recognition.
Customise it according to your needs.


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