Vertical automatic warehouses Perseo

Vertical automatic warehouses Perseo are a valid solution for optimising the logistics of the entire company or a specific department and for maximising the efficiency of picking operations.
Perseo warehouses are built with a single tray, handling one or a few items at a time.

From small to large companies, the Perseo automatic warehouse meets the critical needs of every customer.

Our warehouses are dedicated to specific realities that we have studied and deepened over the years, improving, and responding to our customers’ needs. Each model is dedicated to a specific sector.

The installation of Perseo in the company improves picking speed, optimises the organisation of articles and space, and reduces the operator’s physical efforts.

Inside the Perseo warehouses there is the Matrix System that reads the height of the tray, optimising the space inside (patent-protected system).

The vertical automatic warehouse is protected by insulated panels that make it suitable for installation even outside the factory. The structure is already earthquake-proof and is always separate from the shed.

Every company is unique and the Perseo warehouse does not have fixed pre-packaged dimensions but is custom-built. The outer dimensions of the warehouse in height and width and that of the inner tray can be customised according to the object to be stored.

Discover the full range of Perseo vertical automatic warehouse:

Perseo Matrix Moulds: Automatied Warehouse for Sole Moulds

Automatic warehouse designed for the sole factory and for handling sole moulds. With Perseo you manage one mould at a time, reducing error margins.

A small bay with an easy mould extraction system that removes the effort for the operator when picking and depositing.

Suitable for all types of moulds, of any type or size: squares or list, with extraction springs and single ones.

Perseo Matrix Components: Automated Warehouse to Manage Components

Automatic warehouse ideal for the fashion industry such as leather goods or shoe factories. Move all your components of any size (dye bottles, thread spools, lasts…) in small trays and immediately find what you need.

Components are managed according to the bill of materials.

It is recommended to insert at least two extraction bays so that the warehouse works in masked time, further improving picking times.

Perseo Matrix Fabrics: Automated Warehouse for the Textile Sector

Automatic warehouse dedicated to the textile sector to improve logistics in the sample department. Ideal for sample pieces or for swatch and colour cards.

Custom-built tray to handle one or a few items at a time.

Complete the sample magazine with a rolling and cutting machine to reduce operator effort.

The warehouse works 24 hours a day, optimising picking operations especially at peak times, such as after a trade fair.