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Perseo Matrix Fabrics:

Automatic warehouse for the Textile Sector

Perseo Matrix Fabrics is the automatic warehouse designed for the textile sector, which automates the most repetitive and tiring phases of the sample department.

Perseo does not have a single drawer, but small trays designed to hold one or a few articles such as fabric rolls or selections (swatch and colour cards). Each article is handled as needed, as per the bill of materials. The operator no longer has to search for it in the sample department but will have it immediately available in the automatic warehouse bay, reducing picking times and physical effort.

While the operator picks up items in one bay, the machine prepares another tray in the next bay working in masked time and reducing machine time.
The bays are protected by double barriers, one external and one internal. Only when the inner barrier is closed will the outer one be opened to pick up the required items.


Perseo Matrix Fabrics can prepare selections (swatch and colour cards) in complete autonomy or sample cuts directly with the cutting machine in the automatic warehouse, eliminating picking times and physical effort.

The automatic warehouse Perseo Matrix Fabric is ideal for all those companies in the textile sector that have a large sample department, with numerous sample swatch and colour cards, and that want modern automatic management with a ‘goods-to-person’ system that eliminates the operator’s continuous movements for the search and preparation of samples.

Simple and intuitive software for automatic warehouse for the textile sector

Each automatic warehouse for the textile sector is equipped with a computer with touch screen, in which the simple and intuitive software showing the internal synoptic of the warehouse.

The PC screen shows all the positions in the warehouse, immediately identifying those that are occupied and those that are vacant.

The warehouse software can be connected to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and directly prepare the trays included in the bill of materials.
In the case of emergencies or last-minute work, the operator can pick articles by clicking on the warehouse screen, manually and no longer automatically.

Only the trays containing the items to be prepared and shipped to the customer will be handled, resulting in significant energy savings, and reducing picking times.


Up to
10 metres high

Maximum depth
of 2 m

Consumption less
than 1.5 kWh

Insulated earthquake-proof structure

for you


Efficient and Effective Matrix System

The strength of automatic warehouse for the textile industry Perseo Matrix is the Matrix System, which allows articles with different heights to be managed, optimising space without losing volume.

Pieces with different diameters and many swatch colour cards can thus be managed, allowing a significant economy of space.

Once the items are placed in the tray, the system detects the height and places them in the warehouse using only the space required.

The advantages of the matrix system are:

  • Management of articles of different heights
  • Automation of repetitive steps or phases requiring continuous handling of goods
  • High picking speed
  • Low power consumption

Each automatic warehouse for the textile sector is tailor-made according to the needs of each customer

The automatic warehouses for textile sector Perseo Matrix are not pre-packaged but are custom-built according to the specific requirements of each customer.

The structure consists of several elements: the basic body formed by one or more access bays, the computer, and the electrical cabinet. Additional elements can be added both in height and width, customising each installation.

Due to the type of articles included, we recommend installing Perseo Matrix Fabrics inside the shed, but on request it can also be installed outside.

The Perseo automatic warehouses already made are up to 10 metres high and up to 16 metres wide.

Types of automatic warehouse for textile sector

Perseo Matrix sample pieces

Rolling and cutting machine

Given the numerous samples cuts every day, we developed Perseo Matrix sample pieces, an automatic warehouse for the textile industry dedicated to sample pieces.

Our vertical automatic warehouse philosophy is not limited to the simple storage of pieces but is a system that performs all the necessary functions when preparing a sample cut.

All movements that the operator necessarily has to make are eliminated, and consequently, the time spent searching for pieces and the musculoskeletal disorders to which the operator is subjected several times a day are reduced.

The Perseo Matrix automatic sample magazine, equipped with a rolling and cutting machine, thus eliminates the search for pieces and the physical effort of the operator to handle them, increasing productivity.

Sample cutting is executed inside the machine without having to lift or handle the pieces.
The cut roll is immediately ready for dispatch to the customer.

Once the cut has been made, the automatic warehouse brings another piece to the rolling and cutting machine to make the next cut, and automatically stores the one already cut.

The aim is to reduce downtime, reduce the physical efforts of the operator and automate the entire production process by updating the availability of each article/colour in real time.


Perseo Matrix for Swatches and Colour Cards

Automatic preparation H24 of the swatches and colour cards’ selections

The Perseo Matrix automatic warehouse can be dedicated to the 24-hour preparation of the swatches and colour cards’ selections by automating the entire preparation cycle.

Inside the warehouse is a pneumatic manipulator that picks up the shade card and prepares the selection required by the customer by bringing them directly to the bay.

The selections are then prepared automatically, without operator assistance, reducing preparation time and margins of error.

The advantages are:

  • Eliminate the selection preparation time
  • Eliminate human error
  • Optimise department space using the height

Caratheristics of automatic warehouse Perseo Matrix Fabrics

Time and space saving

Pieces searches and shade card preparation are nil for the operator. The vertical development of the warehouse Perseo Matrix Fabrics frees up valuable space in the sample department.

User-friendly software

Each machine is equipped with a tailor-made human-machine interface that enables understock management. The system warns what is available and what is about to run out to replenish the stock.

Remote control and management

The system can be managed remotely so that selections can be ordered everywhere. The warehouse is active H24 and can always prepare the selections to be sent to the customer.

Interconnection Logic

Perseo can be connected directly to the company's management programme (ERP), automating work according to the bill of material. The materials needed in the samples department are ready.

Earthquake-proof Structure

All Perseo warehouses are earthquake-proof and comply with work safety ruler. The structure is independent and separate from the warehouse whether it is installed indoors or outdoors.

Low Power Consumption

In the Perseo automatic warehouse, all picking, and storage operations are performed with a minimum power consumption of less than 1.5 kWh. Can be connected to a 380 V socket.

Matched Automations

Pneumatic Manipulator

Automates the picking process with the pneumatic manipulator within the automatic warehouse. Custom-made according to your needs.
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