Automatic custom-made warehouses
for leather, rubber and fabric manufacturing industries

Since 2013, the Perseo Automatic Warehouse guarantee effective internal logistics operations, starting with the classic picking of the article in the factory. Chosen in production plants mainly connected to the fashion industry, Perseo allows to storage items safely, with the aim of solving problems of time, methods and spaces. Can be integrated with your company management system network, the Perseo automatic warehouse is the ideal solution for automating and optimizing work in the best possible way.

Perseo, custom-built machine, can be integrated into the company with various automations and can be installed inside or entirely outside your factory with simple access from inside. Each machine is designed and built in a specific way according to the customer’s need.

Our product range

Perseo Matrix for Sole Mold

Automatic warehouse with single tray, the Matrix System for sole-factory in footwear industry. Solution created with the aim of safely managing each mold for rubber soles automatically. Machine equipped with two or more access bays. Solve problems of time, effort and space in the molding department.

Perseo Matrix for Components

Automatic warehouse with single tray, the Matrix System for fabric and leather factory. Handle your materials individually: components or accessories of the bill of materials. Machine equipped with two or more access bays. Optimize times and methods in the production department.

Perseo Light

Automatic warehouse with universal tray, single bay. Designed for easy handling of items, split if necessary, into a large single tray. Applicable in several sectors: automotive, leather goods, footwear and similar one. It manages the maximum heights of materials stored of the production department.

Customization and dedicated design

Our warehouses are all custom-built machines. External dimensions and the internal trays are both made to measure.

This customization is essential to provide an ideal combination that allows you to maximize both the item-storage and speed of item-picking.
We simply do not impose our way of working but we try to automate the process already present in the factory.

Each machine is designed in-house by our engineers. The installation is carries out directly by our technical group throughout the country. We are able to provide training, remote assistance and timely technical interventions.

The benefits using the Perseo Automatic Warehouse

  • Optimize times and methods in item-picking operations
  • Keep track of each item of your bill of materials
  • Manage the warehouse from your Company Management Software thanks to the practical and intuitive software

Our Automations

Automatic Recognition

Automation designed for Automatic Warehouses Perseo Matrix for Sole Molds series. It makes each mold handled by the machine completely traceable to the system. Excellent for the operator and for company management.

Automatic Roller Conveyor

Practical solution for Automatic Warehouses Perseo Matrix for Sole Molds series. It makes the loading or unloading of each mold into the system, entirely automatic. Ideal automation of physical support for the operator.

Pneumatic Manipulator

Automation dedicated to Automatic Warehouses Perseo Matrix for Components series. It makes the stored item-picking totally automatic. Excellent for preparing a B.O.M., the bill of materials.

Mold Preheating Oven

Innovative solution designed for Automatic Warehouses Perseo Matrix for Sole Molds series. It makes production time considerably better. Ideal automation for the sole factory with mold for rubber and EVA sole.

Characteristics of the Perseo automatic warehouse

High-Speed of Item-Picking

Our solutions make Perseo performant in terms of speed and item-picking. The single tray Matrix range moves each item in masked time increasing the execution speed.

User-Friendly Software

Each system is equipped with a customized Human-Machine Interface according to the customer’s needs which allows the operator to interact with the machine in extreme simplicity.

Earthquake-resistant Structure

All our systems are designed according to the new guidelines on safety at work, which determine the safety of the machine even from the seismic risk.

Interconnection Logic

The ability to connect and integrate Perseo to your company management system allows you to really automate and optimize your work.

Space Saving

By taking advantage of the height and the Matrix System, the optimization of space in your plant is guaranteed. The additional possibility of installing Perseo outside the plant further, multiplies the spaces.

Low Power Consumption

The Perseo Automatic Warehouse allows you to carry out all the picking-item operations with a minimum consumption of electricity. In each machine the power used is less than 3 Kw.