Custom-made automatic warehouses Perseo
dedicated to the leather, rubber and textile manufacturing industries


The automatic warehouse Perseo with single tray was born in 2013 from an in-depth study and project because of an unfulfilled need of a customer manufacturer of soles.

We specialise in the design and construction of automatic warehouses custom-built with small bays to improve logistics, optimise space in the company and reduce the physical efforts of the operator.

Each article is stored safely, solving problems of time, method, and space.

With the installation of the Perseo warehouse, the operator will not have to go searching for items, but these will be brought directly into the bay, unlike the traditional manual warehouse with shelves. Ladders or stools will no longer be needed for picking, and the operator will no longer have to lift weights. The articles will be available in a simple click in the picking bay.

The tray manages one or a few items so that the operator recognises them in no time and picks them up without effort. By moving one small tray at a time, consumption is limited (less than 1.5 kWh).

The warehouse is connected to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) and will bring in the bay the items entered in the bill of materials.

For heavy objects, such as sole moulds, an extractor system has been incorporated, which uses rollers to drag the mould onto the trolley and bring it to the moulding press machine.

One or more extraction bays can be inserted, depending on the workload. The system works in masked time, further optimising picking times.

Each model in the Perseo stock is dedicated at a sector, leather, rubber, or fabric, and has particular peculiarities that make it suitable for them and their needs.

Perseo can be installed either inside the company in the department using all available space in height and width, or outside with a small access opening to the inside multiplying the space in the company.

Customisation and dedicated design


Each Perseo automatic storage system is custom-designed and custom-built. We do not produce pre-packaged automatic warehouses where the customer must adapt and fit in the department.

Perseo is made according to the specific needs of each customer. We do not impose our way of working but try to automate the process already in place.

The warehouse can be customised in its external dimensions, both in terms of height and width using the maximum available space, as well as the dimensions of the internal tray depending on the articles to be handled.

Depending on the production process, the number of bays can be chosen to maximise picking times.

In addition, the automatic warehouse Perseo can be customised by inserting Automations that further facilitate picking and depositing and eliminate operator effort.

The installation of each warehouse is carried out by our staff throughout the territory. We provide training, remote support and timely technical interventions.

Advantages of Perseo automated warehouse

Optimise time and methods

in loading operations by picking the item in the bay, with no longer need to search for it on the shelves, and in storage operations by leaving it in the bay, the automated warehouse will place it where it sees fit.

Keep track of each item

of the bill of materials. The automatic warehouse keeps a history of loading or unloading movements made, immediately calculating actual stock availability.

Management from your ERP

thanks to the practical and intuitive software installed in each machine. The warehouse is connected to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) to directly manage customer orders according to bill of materials.

Type of automatic warehouses Perseo

Perseo Matrix Moulds

Automatic warehouse designed for the sole factory to manage and handle sole moulds of all types and sizes. Small bays handle one mould at a time and are equipped with the easy extraction system to reduce the physical effort of the operator.

Perseo Matrix Components

Automatic warehouse dedicated to the fashion industry such as leather goods or shoe manufacturers. Manage all the components used, of all sizes (dye bottles, thread spools or lasts), in small trays according to the bill of materials.

Perseo Matrix Fabrics

Automatic warehouse ideal for the textile sector, especially for the sample department. Perfect for managing sample rolls or for swatch and colour cards’ selections. Optimise picking operations, keep the department tidy and reduce operator physical effort.


Automatic mould recognition

It recognises, registers and codes each mould, of any type and size, entered in the Perseo Matrix Moulds automatic warehouse. It keeps track of each article, and it is possible to consult the movement history.

Automatic roller conveyor

Reduce machine time and automate the entire picking or deposit cycle. Install the loading or unloading roller conveyor in the Perseo Matrix Moulds automated warehouse. Compatible with any type of mould.

Pneumatic manipulator

Manage all components automatically within the warehouse Perseo Matrix Components following the bill of materials in production department. Custom-made according to the articles to be handled.

Preheating oven for sole moulds

Oven inserted in the Perseo Matrix Moulds automatic warehouse to heat rubber, EVA or polyurethane (PU) soles individually without losing heat. Eliminates production time, organising work better.

Characteristics of Perseo automatic warehouse

Picking speed

The installation of Perseo optimises item picking times. The warehouse brings the item into the bay from the operator, without searching for it on the shelves. By inserting more than one bay, the system works in masked time, increasing the execution speed.

User-Friendly Software

Each automatic warehouse Perseo is equipped with a customised human-machine interface, tailored to the customer's needs. The system has a PC installed with touch screen, which is very simple and intuitive and shows the plant synoptic of each one.

Earthquake-proof Structure

All Perseo warehouses are born earthquake-proof and comply with work safety regulations, determining the safety of the machine from seismic risk as well. The structure is independent and separate from the shed whether it is installed indoors or outdoors.

Interconnection Logic

It is possible connect Perseo, automatic warehouse, to the enterprise resource planning to have everything connected. It makes it possible to automate and optimise production, preparing orders according to the bill of materials.

Space Saving

The Perseo automatic warehouse can be installed indoors, optimising, and tidying up the department by exploiting the total height of the hall, or outdoors, further multiplying the space. There is also the Matrix System, which improves storage.

Low Power Consumption

Perseo handles one small tray at a time, and has a consumption of less than 1.5 kWh, to carry out any picking or article storage operation. For energy efficiency, the automatic warehouse can be connected to a 380 V socket.


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