Automatic roller conveyor for sole moulds

The automatic roller conveyor for sole moulds is the ideal automation for automating the entire picking or deposit cycle, from the warehouse to the operator or vice versa.

The roller conveyor is installed, on request, inside the automatic warehouse Perseo Matrix Moulds. It adapts to any type of mould: square, list, with extractors…

In the case of the loading roller conveyor, the operator places the moulds on this, and they are then loaded and arranged in order by the software.

For the unloading roller conveyor, on the other hand, the warehouse provides the moulds available for production directly on the roller conveyor according to the bill of material. The software will divert the mould, not in manual bay, but on the roller conveyor so that the operator can pick it up when needed.

It can be installed only one loading or unloading roller conveyor or both, depending on the type of work and the daily mould change.



Reduce machine times

By automatically managing the picking or deposit list, the moulds will be available on the loading or unloading roller conveyor.

Reduce the operator's effort

The moulds are made available on the machine for the operator. He only must drag them on the trolley, not lift, and bring them to the moulding machine.

Prepare moulds in advance

Thanks to the connection with the software, on the unloading roller conveyor there will be the moulds useful for production; while on the loading roller conveyor the operator will place the moulds he has already used and needs to put back.


The automatic roller conveyor for moulds can be combined with the Automatic Mould Recognition and the Preheating Oven for sole moulds, to build your custom-made automatic mould warehouse.

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