About us

An Italian engineering company that has been manufacturing automatic warehouses under the brand Perseo Equipment & Solutions since 2013.

Starting from an unfulfilled need of a sole factory, we developed the design and built the first automatic warehouse.
We build only custom-made automatic warehouses, to meet the specific needs of each customer, and with a single tray, to handle one or a few objects.

Tray management inside the automatic warehouse is done with the patented Matrix System, designed to optimise the space inside by recognising the height of the loaded objects and improve storage space.

Perseo warehouses are custom-made solutions designed primarily for the rubber, leather, and textile sectors. With a special focus on the fashion world, we collaborate with soles, shoe, leather goods, and textile factories by offering customised solutions for the efficient handling of materials and components.

designing- automatic-warehouse-Perseo

Our factory in Prato

Each Perseo automatic warehouse is designed, developed by our engineers, and built in-house in our factory in Prato, Italy.

We provide careful advice to each client, both national and international. Starting with each customer’s need, we carry out the first on-site inspection and analyse the area to offer the best solution.


Trade fairs

Since 2015, we have been present with the Perseo Equipment & Solutions brand, automatic warehouse, and automation, at the international trade fair Simac Tanning Tech – Lineapelle held every year in September at Rho, Milano Fiera, Italy.

We like to be useful in any company that needs to work well in item management and internal logistics by optimising picking and item storage operations, meeting the needs of each customer.