Automatic Mould Recognition

Automatic mould recognition is the automation specifically designed to keep track of every article entered inside the automatic warehouse.

The objective is to know the moulds that have been moved in a precise time frame in the warehouse.

Automation that can be inserted in Perseo Matrix Moulds, automatic warehouse for sole moulds.

All moulds placed inside Perseo are photographed before being set in place, and with point interpolation they are recognised and stored in the system.

Each mould is recognised, coded, and automatically registered in the software, independently of the operator.
Only after this step will the mould be allocated in the warehouse to the most ideal position, depending on the space available or the use of that mould.

On request, the software provides a detailed list of the moulds moved with photos, position, date, and time.

The image of the loaded mould helps the operator to recognise it immediately, without the need to read the name and size, reducing search time, in case of need.

Automatic recognition can be applied to any type of mould, list or square.


Keeping track of moulds

It is the ideal solution for the company that wants to consult, at any time, the history of moulds moved in the warehouse directly from the company management system.

Reduce human error

You no longer have the problem of the operator putting the mould on the shelf in the wrong place, but every movement of the mould is tracked, storing the position in the automatic warehouse.

Consult mould history

It is possible to keep track of all moulds moved in a specific time frame.

Make mould management easier with Automatic Mould Recognition.

Complete the Perseo Matrix Mould Warehouse with other automations such as the Mould Preheating Oven and the Automatic Roller Conveyor for loading or unloading moulds.

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