Dedicated automations to automatic warehouse Perseo

Customise and make your Perseo automated warehouse unique by adding Automations.
Optimise picking operations and item management within the vertical warehouse.

Automated warehouses offer a wide range of benefits, including more efficient picking, reduced human error and better stock management. Customer orders can be processed faster, and delivery times reduced.

Automations can also contribute to operational cost reductions in the company, as they can work 24/7 without interruption, increasing productivity.

They also contribute to operator safety by decreasing risks in the manual handling of goods and replacing the tiring and repetitive part of the work.

Just like automatic warehouses Perseo, the automations are custom-made to meet the specific needs of each customer. One or more automations can be inserted in the same warehouse.

Discover all available automations:

Automatic mould recognition

Keeps track of every mould entered in the automatic warehouse. It recognises, records and codes each article loaded into the automatic warehouse.

It is possible to consult the history of all movements made in a specific time frame. It cancels the search times of the mould.

It can be applied to any type of mould: list or square.

Inserted in Perseo Matrix Moulds, automatic warehouse for sole moulds.

Automatic roller conveyor for sole moulds

Automate the picking cycle or depositing of moulds and reduce machine times.

The roller conveyor can be loading type, on which the operator places the articles that will be stored in the warehouse, or an unloading type, on which the moulds, useful for production, are available according to the bill of materials.

It applies to any type of mould.

Installed in Perseo Matrix Moulds, automatic warehouse for sole moulds.

Pneumatic manipulator

It prepares the bill of materials directly within the automatic warehouse Perseo.

Reduce preparation time and operator error margins by automating the production process.

Each manipulator is custom-made according to your needs and the objects to be handled and moved.

Dedicated to Perseo Matrix Components, automatic warehouse to manage components.

Preheating oven for sole moulds

Individually heat the sole moulds of rubber, EVA, or polyurethane (PU) in the preheating oven.

The mould is provided to the operator already hot, ready to be used at the moulding press machine.
It resets the production times and organizes the work in the best way, reducing picking times.
It guarantees high print quality by bringing the mould to the desired temperature.

Installed on Perseo Matrix Moulds, automatic warehouse for sole moulds or installed on board the moulding machine.