Discover our automations: continuously dedicated innovations

Always custom-made machine, for companies, by us.
Our machines can be fitted with a series of Automations, or various Item Management Systems aimed at reducing the operator’s efforts and speeding up the entire picking or storage process of the item in the warehouse.
Check the advantages using Technological Solution which are matched to our Automatic Warehouses. The aim is to replace that part of the repetitive human work by mean of devices simply dedicated to that specific action.

Automatic Recognition

To consult the historical movement of your mold stored in the warehouse. Register the article, whether it is a lista or squares mold.

Automatic Roller Conveyor

To automate the entire picking or storage cycle of your molds. Automatically load or unload each mold.

Pneumatic Manipulator

To prepare your bill of materials. Handle article by article, in bay. Customized automation.

Mold Preheating Oven

To heat your mold to the temperature timed by the system. Increased productivity. Standardized automation.