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Perseo Matrix Components:

Automatic Warehouse to Manage Components

Perseo Matrix Components is the perfect automated warehouse to manage and keep in order all components used in production.

Perseo does not have a single drawer but small trays, designed to fit one or a few fractionable components. Each component is only handled when needed.
The operator will have the individual tray available in the bay, immediately identifying the item to be picked.

Perseo Matrix Components has one or more access bays working in masked time and optimising item picking times. While the operator picks components in one bay, the automatic magazine brings another tray into the adjacent bay.

The bays are protected by double barriers, one external and one internal. Only when the inner barrier is closed will the outer one be opened to pick the required components.


The automatic warehouse for components is used by companies in the fashion industry such as leather goods or shoe factories.

In shoe factories, the automatic warehouse for components is used for storing the lasts according to the bill of material. The tray has customised dimensions, depending on the number of lasts used in the BOM and the way of working.

In leather goods factories, on the other hand, Perseo is used to manage components according to the bill of materials. The tray is customised to allow the ideal combination of items to be inserted, which can also be placed bulk, without a box. The inserted articles have very different dimensions: from the thread, cone or spool, metal accessories to make the bag to the bottle for leather dye.

Simple and intuitive software for automatic warehouse for components

Each automatic warehouse for components is equipped with a computer with touch screen, on which the simple and intuitive software is installed that shows the internal synoptic of the warehouse. The screen shows all the positions in the warehouse, immediately identifying which are occupied and which are vacant.

The warehouse software can be connected to the company management system and directly prepare the trays inserted in the bill of materials.  In the
case of emergencies or last-minute work, the operator can retrieve articles by clicking on the computer screen on the warehouse, manually and no longer automatically.

Only the trays containing the components useful for production will be handled, saving energy, and reducing picking times.


Up to
10 metres high

Maximum depth
of 2 m

Consumption less
than 1.5 kWh

Insulated earthquake-proof structure

for you


Efficient and effective Matrix System

The strength of the Perseo Matrix automated parts warehouse is the Matrix System (patent-protected), which allows objects of different heights to be handled, optimising warehouse space without losing volume.

If you have components with different heights, such as spools for thread and bottles for leather dye, the trays will have different heights. The position occupied in the warehouse will therefore be higher or lower, ensuring high flexibility.

Once the objects are placed on the tray, the software recognises the height and places them in the warehouse in the most suitable position.

In this way, storage is optimised and there is no waste of volume.

The advantages of the matrix system are:

  • Management of objects of different heights
  • High picking speed
  • Low power consumption

Each automatic warehouse for components is custom-made, depending on the needs of each customer

Perseo component magazines are not pre-packaged but are custom-built according to the requirements of each customer.

The structure consists of several elements: the basic body formed by one or more access bays, the computer, and the electrical cabinet. Additional elements can be added both in height and width, customising each installation.

Due to the type of components inserted, we recommend installing Perseo Matrix Components inside the shed, but on request it can also be installed outside.

The already realised automatic warehouses have a height of up to 10 metres and a length of up to 16 metres.

Special features of the automatic warehouse for components

Drawers’ customisation

The dimensions of the tray in the automatic parts warehouse are customised and vary depending on the objects entered or the quantity entered in the bill of materials (B.O.M.). The aim is to customise each tray according to needs.

To understand the optimal size for the automated warehouse, we do a study on:

  • Maximising the deposit
  • Speed of the picking process
  • Minimising the possibility of pick-up error by the operator

Tray transfer system

The transfer system is inserted in double magazines, installed in tandem. The aim is to move trays with components from one machine to another.

The Perseo automatic warehouse is flanked at the rear by another blind one, increasing depth and storage.

Inside the first warehouse there is an opening communicating with the rear warehouse in which the transfer system is inserted.

The tray with the components is sent by the software to the transfer system and moved to the other magazine and the cursor will place it in the optimum position.

Once the tray is placed in the bay, it can be placed in either the first or second machine.

The positioning of the trays is done automatically by the software, which works in masked time and brings those useful for production closer according to the work queue, reducing component picking times.

Characteristics of automatic warehouse Perseo Matrix Components

Picking speed

The single-tray Matrix range warehouse moves trays in masked time, increasing the speed of execution and reducing picking time. Each component is quickly brought into the bay without effort.

User-Friendly Software

Each machine is equipped with a customised human-machine interface, tailored to the customer's needs. It allows the operator to interact with the machine in a simple and intuitive way.

Earthquake-proof Structure

All Perseo warehouses are earthquake-proof and comply with work safety ruler. The structure is independent and separate from the warehouse whether it is installed indoors or outdoors.


Perseo can be connected directly to the company's management programme (ERP), automating work according to the bill of materials. The materials needed in the production department are ready.

Space Saving

Optimise space within the department by utilising horizontal and vertical space. Improve space in the automated warehouse with the Matrix System that adapts to each type of component.

Low Power Consumption

In the Perseo automatic warehouse, all picking, and storage operations are performed with a minimum power consumption of less than 1.5 kWh. Can be connected to a 380 V socket.

Matched Automations

Pneumatic Manipulator

Automates the picking process with the pneumatic manipulator within the automatic warehouse. Custom-made according to your needs.
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