The sole moulds are indispensable components in shoe production as they determine the shape and characteristics of the sole.

Here are some important aspects:

Mould materials

Steel: Sole moulds are often made of steel for their durability and wear resistance. They can withstand the high pressures and temperatures used in moulding processes.

Aluminium: In most cases, aluminium sole moulds can be used to reduce the overall weight of the mould. Although aluminium is generally less strong than steel, its high machinability makes it much more high-performance and economical.

Technologies of mould making

CNC milling: moulds can be made using computer numerical control (CNC) machines for high precision. This technology is often chosen for complex and detailed moulds.

Die sinking EDM: technology for creating precise contours in moulds through a controlled erosion process.

Types of moulds


Injection sole moulds: used in injection moulding processes, where the material is melted and injected into the mould.

Compression sole moulds: used in compression moulding processes, where elastomeric material is compressed between two semi-moulds, base, and lid.

Sole moulds for PU casting: designed to produce polyurethane soles.

Mould Design

Sole moulds are designed to create the specific sole design. They may include details such as traction patterns, brand logos or other decorative elements. The design of the moulds considers aspects such as ventilation to avoid air bubbles or imperfections in the cast material.

Mould Maintenance

Moulds require regular maintenance to ensure continued quality. This may include cleaning the moulds, repairing any damage or wear, and lubricating moving parts.

Storage and Mould Handling

Traditionally, moulds are stored on metal racks and handled manually. With the increase in the number of moulds and the perceived need for safety, many companies in the industry have equipped themselves with automated vertical storage systems specifically for the storage and handling of these heavy and bulky components.


Since 2013, our custom-made Perseo Matrix Mould, automated warehouse, have been the solution of choice for the best sole factories. Perseo allows moulds to be stored individually and safely.


Its aim is to solve space, time, and fatigue problems in moulding departments.