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Automatic Warehouse for components Perseo Matrix 

The automatic warehouse for components Perseo Matrix is mainly chosen by the production plants of the fashion industry as a solution to improve the internal logistics of materials thanks to the possibility of customizing each individual tray, or the combination of contents.

Based on what the company wants to handle, the machine manages all the components that can be divided into the tray, allowing them to be stored and picked up through two or more loading and unloading bays. The machine is equipped with a PC and the Matrix System is included. Its main objective is to solve problems of space, time to improve the internal logistics processes of the components.

In footwear factory, for example, the machine is used to store the shoe last according to the bill of material.

In leather goods factory, the machine is used for the management of components according to the bill of materials. The tray is customized to allow the ideal combination that accommodates the estimated objects, even without boxes and with very different dimensions: from the thread, cone or spools, to the metal accessories bag, up to the color dye.

The automatic warehouse for components Perseo Matrix is the best system for individually tracking and handling all those components, accessories and materials used for the production of leather or fabric items.

Efficient and effective Matrix System

The distinctive feature of this machine is the Matrix System thanks to which the different heights of the stored components can be managed, allowing for a considerable saving of space, without the risk of loss of storage volumes.
The advantages of the Matrix System:

– High-Speed of Item-Picking
– Low Power Consumption
– Flexibility in managing materials of different heights at the same time

Investing in the automatic warehouse for components Perseo Matrix means taking the opportunity to obtain safety, flexibility and depth, going far beyond the simple storage of the component. The height is always measured considering every characteristic of the inserted object: whether they are shoe last, or the color dye used in leather goods.

High-Speed of Item-Picking

Our solutions make Perseo performant in terms of speed and item-picking. The single tray Matrix range moves each item in masked time increasing the execution speed.

User-Friendly Software

Each system is equipped with a customized Human-Machine Interface according to the customer’s needs which allows the operator to interact with the machine in extreme simplicity.

Earthquake-resistant Structure

All our systems are designed according to the new guidelines on safety at work, which determine the safety of the machine even from the seismic risk.

Interconnection Logic

The ability to connect and integrate Perseo to your company management system allows you to really automate and optimize your work.

Space Saving

By taking advantage of the height and the Matrix System, the optimization of space in your plant is guaranteed. The additional possibility of installing Perseo outside the plant further, multiplies the spaces.

Low Power Consumption

The Perseo Automatic Warehouse allows you to carry out all the picking-item operations with a minimum consumption of electricity. In each machine the power used is less than 3 Kw.

Customization and dedicated design

The structure of the automatic warehouse Perseo is composed of several elements: the basic body characterized by the access window bay, PC and electrical panel and, one or more additional bodies inserted in height or length.

According to the spaces made available by the customer, we develop structures in their ideal dimensions, maximizing height where possible.
We have built warehouses up to 10 meters high and up to 14 meters large. Where necessary, we also install the warehouses outside the factories, giving the possibility of access from the inside. This further amplifies the spaces.

Drawers customizations

Each factory has its own products to manage and our peculiarity of building all the parts of the machine within our company allows us to customize each drawer in the best possible way, in agreement with the user.

Studying dimensions and housings of the machine, we take care of:

  • Maximize your deposit
  • Giving ideal ergonomicity to work
  • Speed up the picking process
  • Minimize the possibility of error

The Tray Transfer System

The cursor is the heart of the system and takes care of moving the materials: the system positions the trays individually in each housing.
The motorised translator, on the other hand, is designed on demand for the management of items stored in two machines installed in tandem.

The Tray Transfer System allows the operator the management of the component in depth which means move trays from a single access point.