Automatic Recognition

Solution created to satisfy a specific need in the sole-factory. In particular, we were asked to find a method to find out which and where are the sole-molds managed by an operator in the warehouse or in the molding department.

The system we have created is applied to Automatic Warehouses (Perseo Matrix range for Sole Molds) and, through the dedicated software, it allows the company to trace each individual mold: it automatically recognizes, codes and records the molds handled in the machine. The photo taken favors the memorization of the item.

Automatic Recognition is today the essential automation to guarantee the correct and constant storage of the mold regardless of the operator, precisely in automatic mode.

Advantageous solution for the company that wants to consult the history of the molds in the warehouse at any time, whether it is a list or squares mold. He check and do it from its Company Management System.

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