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Automatic warehouse for  fabrics Perseo Matrix 

The automatic warehouse for fabrics Perseo Matrix is chosen by textile companies as a solution to optimize the sample department.

The main objective of the automatic warehouse is to solve problems of space, time, physical effort for the operator and improve internal logistics processes.

More in detail, the automatic warehouse for fabrics Perseo Matrix allow to manage and automate the sampling preparation phases, that is the sample cuts and the selections of Swatches and Color cards.

All our machines are custom-built products according to the needs of the customer. Each machine is designed to obtain contributions of Industry 4.0 technology.

Efficient and effective Matrix System

The distinctive feature of this machine is the Matrix System thanks to which the variable diameter of the fabrics pieces or the quantity of Color cards can be easily managed, thus allowing a considerable saving of space, without the risk of loss of deposit volumes.

The advantages of the Matrix System:

– High-Speed of Item-Picking
– Low Power Consumption
– Flexibility in managing articles of different heights at the same time
– Mechanize repetitive phases or those that require continuous efforts to move goods

Investing in Perseo Automatic Warehouses of the Matrix Fabrics series means taking the opportunity to obtain safety, flexibility, and depth, going forward the simple storage of the goods. Thanks to the Matrix System, the height is always measured considering every feature of the item: whether it is a samples pieces or Swatches and Color cards.


Time and space

Automatic warehouse for fabrics Perseo Matrix eliminates the search for fabric pieces, and, thanks to the vertical structure, it frees up precious space within the company.

Inventory management

According to the requests, the software system of the automatic warehouse warns the operator indicating what is about to run out and gives the opportunity to replenish the material or select which customer should have priority.

Remote monitoring and management

It is possible to manage the system remotely allowing to commission the selections or directly by the customer.

Preparation of selections H24

The machine is operating 24 hours a day, and the fabrics selections are always ready for the shipping. If something is not available, you can decide whether to send or wait for the missing material.


All the automatic warehouses for fabrics Perseo Matrix can be interconnected with the company's management system, a necessary condition for obtaining Industry 4.0 contributions.

Optional Rolling and Cutting System

It is possible to equip the automatic warehouse with a specific System for Rolling and Cutting the fabrics pieces to eliminate the efforts due to the handling of the same pieces.

Automatic warehouse for Sample pieces Perseo Matrix

Rolling and Cutting System for fabrics pieces and cuts

The customer’s need to make fabrics sample cuts daily has inspired us to develop the automatic warehouse for fabrics Perseo Matrix, also including an extra automation, that is Automatic System for Fabrics Rolling and Cutting. This system allows to eliminate the search for fabrics sample pieces and the efforts due to their handling too.

The automatic warehouse for fabrics Perseo Matrix storages all the fabrics samples pieces inside and, according to the customer’s need, the machine offers the fabric sample piece to the operator or to the Automatic System for Fabrics Rolling and Cutting to perform the cut.

Once the machine has made the cutting, the automatic warehouse offers a new fabric sample piece to the operator or to the Automatic System for Fabrics Rolling and Cutting. Then the machine automatically put away the one already used: it effectively eliminates all downtime and the physical efforts and, making the whole process automatic by updating the available stock quantities in real time for each item/color.


Automatic warehouse for Swatches and Color cards Perseo Matrix

Automatic preparation H24 of the Swatches and Color cards’ selections

The preparation of fabrics selections, the list of swatches and color cards, takes a considerable amount of time.

In this case, the automatic warehouse  Perseo Matrix completely automates and mechanizes the preparation cycle even without the aid of the operator.
The preparation of the various fabrics selections is performed automatically 24 hours a day in the machine, making the selections available at any time for shipment to the customer.

In this way, the operation of selections’ preparation is carried out automatically by the machine. The machine check and offers the Swatches and Color cards of quality, preparing each selection that will be immediately ready.

The automatic warehouse for Swatches and Color cards Perseo Matrix, H24, allows you to have all the fabrics selections immediately ready, even during the moments of demanded maximum, such as following a trade fair.

High-Speed of Item-picking

Our solutions make Perseo performant in terms of speed and item-picking. The single tray Matrix range moves each item in masked time increasing the execution speed.

User-Friendly Software

Each system is equipped with a customized Human-Machine Interface according to the customer’s needs which allows the operator to interact with the machine in extreme simplicity.

Earthquake-resistant Structure

All our systems are designed according to the new guidelines on safety at work, which determine the safety of the machine even from the seismic risk.

Low Power Consumption

The Perseo Automatic Warehouse allows you to carry out all the picking-item operations with a minimum consumption of electricity. In each machine the power used is less than 3 Kw.

Reduction of Physical Effort

Our machines allow you to eliminate the physical efforts according to current legislation, allowing you to increase the productivity and well-being of the operator.

Dedicated Customization

We develop machines in their ideal dimension, maximizing height. We also install automatic warehouses outsides the factories, giving the possibility of access from the inside.