Mold Preheating Oven

Specific innvovation for the sole factory that wants to optimize the mold heating time. This automation prepares the mold at the temperature timed by the system, avoiding heating the mold inside the press.

For which type of mold is it ideal?
The Mold Preheating Oven has been designed for the molds of the rubber and EVA soles. This automation is applied to Automatic Warehouses (Perseo Matrix for Sole Mold series) and it is managed through our application software.

What is its advantage?
Thanks to the Mold Preheating Oven, the advantage is unique: production time are considerably improving because the press is not “held still to heat” the mold as usually happens. The heating unit is configured by the simple and intuitive software system.

This technological solution makes the Automatic Warehouse a veritable performing machine. All thanks also to the integration of the other automations developed for the sole factory, producer of rubber and Eva soles: the Automatic Roller Conveyor for Molds and the Mold Recognition System.

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